TLD Linux is a small, server oriented, systemd-free distribution created by few admins for their needs and made available for anyone wishing to use it. System is dedicated for advanced Linux users and is provided in both 32 and 64 bit flavors and optimized for i686 and x86_64 architectures.


TLD Linux is developed and maintained by just few people and except for core system elements and modified software most of our packages are built using PLD Linux sources. We are doing our best to provide bug and security fixes but since all work is done in our free time we can't guarantee regular updates and/or releases. Keep that in mind when choosing TLD Linux for your servers.

Our main goal is to provide stable and working server system. Because of that TLD Linux releases are based on snapshots. There are always two of them: Stable and Development.

Stable snapshot is dedicated for all systems where stability is more important than having newest available versions of software packages. It gets only minor updates and bug/security fixes to provide reasonable level of stability and predictability.

Development snapshot as name suggests is used for developing next version of stable snapshot. Since it by definition will contain unfinished or untested packages it is not recommended to use it on any production systems.

When development snapshot is released as stable it may (and usually will) incorporate some big changes which may require adminitrator intervention to get all services working. Never, ever do an upgrade from previous stable release to current stable release without checking what has changed and what tasks you must perform to successfully upgrade your system. Upgrade howto will always be published in documentation.

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