TLD Linux is a small, server oriented, systemd-free distribution created by few admins for their needs and made available for anyone wishing to use it. The system is aimed at advanced Linux users and is available for i686 and x86_64 architectures.


Our Linux distribution first appeared in 2007 as an unofficial version of PLD Linux and was known as PLD Titanium. Due to the increasing number of differences between projects, in 2011 we decided to create a new distribution based on PLD Linux called Titanium Linux Distribution which was later shortened to TLD Linux.

Because our system is developed and maintained by just few people most of our packages are built using PLD Linux sources. Only few core system elements and software packages which we modified are being developed separately.

We are doing our best to provide bug and security fixes but since all work is done in our free time we can't guarantee regular updates and/or releases. Keep that in mind when choosing TLD Linux for your servers.

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